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Re: Dangerous TSA Bylaw Changes Part 01

Nov 11, 1995 10:49 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks for forwarding the msg. When I finally got to join the
newsgroup your msg had already appeared. I also received the copy of the
msg you had mailed by snailmail.

You have done a great service by bringing up the important issues and
also for suggesting how a commission can be appointed to carefully look
into the changes needed inthe bylaws. Since the moment I saw the changes
published in the American Theosophist I thought there are several other
issues which have not been fully and carefully addressed. Though the
immediate issue that may have precipitated the changes was the "loss" at
the Boston Lodge there is no need to to hurry up and come up with
changes which may do a lot more damage to TSA in the long run. This is
the first time I am seeing the Boston Lodge being mentioned in a public
forum. More later.


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