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re TMR...

Nov 11, 1995 02:51 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dan Caldwell quotes:

>KPJ writes: Don't have the sources in front of me but HSO
>called him "one of our Masters" as I recall.
>JHE: Where?
>KPJ replies: ODL somewhere; can't find the passage offhand.
>But he speaks of the Master of Ceremonies of the Panchen Lama
>being "one of our Mahatmas"--but does so after the death of the
>Sengchen in question so may be talking about his successor.

DC interjects:
>I will supply the exact source for this and then ask a question
>or two.
>In ODL Fourth Series 1975 printing p. 06 Olcott writes:
>"Leaving his home at Darjeeling Nov 7th 1881 he [Sarat
>Chandra Das] ..reached Tashi-Lhunpo the capital of the Tashi
>Lama whose Master of Ceremonies one of our own revered Mahatmas

Paul is this the quote you had in mind? Please let me

Thanks Paul
Thanks Dan

Jerry HE

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