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Nov 11, 1995 02:50 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>I don't believe that
>HPB ever used the techniques that she attributed to the Indian
>writings. I have seen no real evidence of it nor do I see any
>reason for her to do it.


> Now the question is does that kind of "disinformation"
>exist in HPB's writings? I'm not convinced that it does.

Nor am I. However she deliberately held some
material back. Using the 7-Globe 4-Plane GV Model for
example when her figure in the SD clearly shows us that
there are more than 07 Globes and 04 planes.

Either that or she died before she had an opportunity to
get into this. Her pattern was to give out doctrines one section
at a time. I think she did this because one doctrine necessarily
builds upon another. For instance she could not discuss the
after death states and reincarnation until she got across the
seven principles. In 1877 she was talking about body soul and
spirit and ignored after death states and reincarnation
doctrines. The seven principle doctrine was introduced in 1880
and reincarnation shortly thereafter. Between 1880 and 1890 HPB
expanded upon and went more deeply into the seven principle
doctrine and the after death states was not really discussed in
detail until 1889. I suspect that if HPB had lived she would
have expanded the seven globe teaching to twelve and as a result
would have been able to develop the inner rounds doctrine and
who knows what else.

She also deliberately IMHO avoided talking about the Abyss or
Daath which is a key issue in the Qabala. I agree that her
omissions are not not really the blinds used in many ancient

You are more knowledgeable than I concerning Kabalism so I
doubt if there is much that I could say that would be of help. A
friend told me once 25 years ago that he saw a compilation of
all of HPB's writings on the Kabala and that the compilation made
an entire book in itself! Have you given any thought about the
eighth sphere doctrine in relationship to the Kabalistic Abyss
concept? Any ideas? But alas the eighth sphere is another one
of those doctrines that was never developed. Actually one could
make a rather impressive list of doctrines that were touched upon
that HPB and the Mahatmas never went into.

Jerry HE

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