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Re: Re to RJI - Fraud vs the Magical Imagination

Nov 09, 1995 06:12 AM
by RIhle

> Virtually everyone holds some form of self-image within
>themselves and it greatly conditions the world they apparently live in
>.. it functions almost as a filter that determines what few aspects of
>the totality of the actual world will become apparent to waking

Hi John it is good to hear from you. An individual old enough to have
passed into at least the sixth seven-year cycle and who has done enough work
to be able to recognize and keep the "Once-Removed-Vantage" on all the
varieties of undifferentiated consciousnesses those cycles are associated
with no longer has the fully operating type of "self-image" you may be
suggesting. At the least it rather *they* since we are really speaking of
predilection toward various patterns of "semi-Self opportunity" is fading
fast. "Fictionalization" of any sort is probably not something one should
get too serious about before finding the toe of the Buddha. . . .

>Greetings R I think I met you at a TS Annual Summer thing several years
>ago ... good to see your inadvertantly enigmatic presence here on the
>list -: ...

I thought I should show up from time to time since I will be taking over the
T.S. in a few years.

Best wishes

Richard Ihle

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