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Re: Dangerous TSA Bylaw Changes Part 01

Nov 09, 1995 05:56 AM
by John R Crocker

Holy institutionalized Dogma Batman!

Proposals for changes in the TS motto to fit the New TS:

1. "There is no religion higher than truth ... which we'll tell you".

2. "There is no religion higher than our concept of truth."

3. "There is no truth higher than our religion."

4. "Read our books or you can't join our club."

5. "Hi! We're Theosophists and you're not!"

6. "It is our carefully considered opinion that despite the fact that
neither HPB nor the Masters ever *required* her books or any other
specific literature to be studied as a condition of either individual
membership or the formation of a Lodge nonetheless we knowing better
than that will take it upon ourselves to enforce such standards."

7. "Read this or we'll rescind your Charter and take your money and
sell your building. And stop complaining - we now have laws that permit
us to do it completely legally."
Chuckles -JRC

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