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Re: Re to RJI - Fraud vs the Magical Imagination

Nov 08, 1995 10:04 AM
by RIhle

>RJI: < unless one keeps alive the
><ability to fictionalize even oneself there is no hope that anyone
><including oneself will ever become an Adept. . . .
>Richard what you say here is very true. It is well known in
>magic for example that you have to fictionalize yourself
>see yourself as the way you want to be; together with
>assuming a suitable magical name before you can become
>such. This is not fraud but rather a necessary psychological
>technique. Critics call this self-deception. Practitioners
>call it self-imaging or self-visualization.
> Jerry S.

Hi Jerry. Since the "raw material" of all visualization technique is
naturally related to the third- or fourth-level "stratums" of consciousness
such a practice is unfortunately probably not appropriate for fifth- or
sixth-degree "souls" i.e. individuals at the fifth- or sixth-degrees of
Self-realization. The resulting disparity between the level of semi-Self
differentiated consciousness utilized and the degree of
remaining/untransformed Self Undifferentiated Consciousness operating as
"Silent Witness" is just too great to be psychologically pleasant for very
long. Self-erasing indulgences of one sort or another can gradually ease
such "existential pain" of course; however speaking neither as critic nor
practitioner this is why I sometimes call vizualization technique a
dangerous flirtation with devolution.

But to be sure self-imaging is one sort of "fictionalization." Many a fine
Devil walks to and fro on this earth by means of it. . . .

I always enjoy reading you.

Best wishes

Richard Ihle

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