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Nov 08, 1995 08:37 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>Dear Jerry HE
>What's your definition of "Truth"?

In context to my post concerning Mead CWL and being
maligned? In this case the person only needs to speaking what
they *believe* to be true about another person and it can no
longer be called maligning. My authority for this is any
dictionary but at the moment I'm looking at ~Random House
Second Edition Unabridged.~ There is no reason to get into
metaphysics here.
If you want me to offer a definition of "truth" free of
context then you will have to tell me what kind of "truth" you
would like me to define e.g. "absolute truth" "personal truth"
"relative truth" "universal truth" etc.

Jerry HE

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