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Re: Telepathy and Esoteric E-Mail

Nov 07, 1995 10:10 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Bee Brown:
> >Paul:
> >< As to what was REALLY going on
> ><how genuine the telepathy was whether they were sending what
> ><she was receiving-- one has eventually to say "How the hell do
> ><I know?" Which I wish more Theosophists were willing to admit
> ><about murky issues like these.
Jerry S.:
> ><
> >As I have already pointed out even a high Adept/Master would
> >have trouble knowing for sure that every word was right. The
> >problem with telepathic communication is that it is not done
> >in words. It is done in images which the receiver must then
> >interpret in his/her own words. How does one know for sure that
> >they interpreted correctly? Only by going back to the sender
> >for confirmation and that is the *only* way to know for sure.
> >HPB admitted that she was an Initate not an Adept. But I would
> >think that if her Masters discovered she had gotten some teaching
> >entirely wrong that they would have told her this when they
> >eventually met. The Masters probably wouldn't quibble over the
> >exact wording anyway.
> >
> > Jerry S.
> As I understand it she saw whole pages of the books in her mind or what
> ever it may be called. She wrote the words down as she saw them.

This activity called "reading in the astral light" would not
be considered telepathic but rather clairvoyant. That is she
was not receiving information sent by anyone but rather seeing
the book at a distance. ?
The masters
> also used to correct her writing over night with a blue pen.

What I wonder about this is what we would see if we could take
a time machine back and look into her window. Were words
appearing miraculously with no hand writing them? Or was HPB
the personality "asleep" while HPB's body was being used by
some entity Mahatma secondary personality to do this
editing? The latter is a less extraordinary explanation and
thus more plausible IMO. Of course this tends to put her in a
class with Cayce as someone who became unconscious in order to
channel-- which Theosophists will not like.
There may not
> have been as much interpretation as suggested here. As I have read it that
> is how she managed to quote so much of the ancient wisdom that is not in
> common use. I wonder if she was able to access the Akashic Records and read
> from them much of what she wrote about.

The mystery that drives me to write about Cayce is this
business about the akashic records. Assume as I think I can
prove beyond reasonable doubt that the Cayce readings are
essentially a restatement of the Theosophical teachings with
many modifications. There are three possibilities not
mutually exclusive but rather interacting or overlapping as to
why this is so:
1 These doctrines are objectively present in some akashic
record accessed by both HPB and Cayce. So Cayce provides
independent confirmation of HPB.
2 Since it's fairly well established hope I don't end up
eating these words! that Cayce's unconscious could link up
with the unconscious of others and that the first person who
asked for readings on topics like reincarnation and Atlantis
was the Theosophist Arthur Lammers Cayce unconsciously
uploaded the Theosophical mythos intact from the mind of
Lammers and then ran with it for the next 20 years.
3 Cayce's conscious personality had plenty of contact with
Theosophical ideas through books and acquaintances and this
conscious information "bled through" into the readings.

At this point my working assumption is that all three are
equally plausible. But there are so many other things than
Theosophical ideas in the readings that the same options will
present themselves in other contexts.

What a complicated mess to write about!

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