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Nov 06, 1995 11:34 AM
by bbrown

Wow JRC you have quite blown me away. What a masive channeling from
someone who doesn't. Four pages of part 2. Wow.
I haven't analysed it to that extent. I do believe that what I now call a
personal experience is impossible to explain to someone who has not had that
personal experience themselves. Some of what has been said in previous posts
has made good sense to me but I have a barrier to my communication of
personal experiences. It is like an ego thing. I have a dread of being
egotistical so I limit my explaining to more objective ideas and not
necessarily what I believe deep down is going on. I do have a knowing of
what is being channelled and I have been told about a couple of previous
lives that account for what is going on this time around. That is a deeply
personal thing and something that I do not share because I cannot prove to
my ego that it is true except for a deep knowing that it probably is so I
have some ambivience about it.
It is a real happening but 'real' in which term is the problem. I shall
study your post a bit more and see what comes to me.
Many thanks for the deep consideration you have given the subject.

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