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Re: animal monad revisited

Nov 04, 1995 11:33 AM
by Jerry Schueler

< Why I have this urge to know
<EVERYTHING I don't know and sometimes wish it would just go away but many
<times it is exciting to suddenly find some answers. We get our kicks in
<strange way! I am not an intellectual so the going gets rough sometimes but
<I keep plugging on.

Your desire to KNOW is absolutely necessary to tread the Path
to any length. It is the only true motivator toward the spiritual light that I
know of. I know that it can be annoying it almost wrecked my marriage!
but it can kindle into an inner spiritual light some day if it hasn't already.
The fact that you are not an intellectual is irrelevant. The smartest
intellectual will get nowhere at all without that inner desire to know
EVERYTHING that you so eloquently describe. Most intellectuals for
example think they know everything already and so are not motivated
to keep going. Your post was great and monads and elementals
are thought-provoking topics to explore.

Jerry S.

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