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High Brow chat

Nov 03, 1995 10:18 AM
by bbrown

A N Z poem from Granny Bee to Granny Leisel.

Modern Grannies.

I have a little Granny who's really very old
But also unconventional in a most unusual mould
She doesn't wear spectacles perched upon her nose
She wears contact lenses and varnishes her toes.
Unlike some other Grannies who are home before its dark
She's dressed up in a track suit and marches in the park.
And when I wish she'd sometimes stay and tuck me up in bed
Gran's off to study yoga and standing on her head.
Some Grannies sit in rocking chairs and crochet shawls indoors
But my Granny joined a marching team and marches in the moors.
Gran goes on day trips with her "Over sixties Club"
They racket round the countryside and end up in the pub.
And on the homeward journey like a flock of singing birds
They harmonise old favourites with very naughty words.
I love my little Granny I think she's really great
If that's what growing old is like well I simply cannot wait!

Grannies are Great!

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