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Re: obsolete words

Nov 02, 1995 01:04 AM
by Richtay

Bill wrote:

> I know some of you remember me ranting on this topic six or so
> months ago but I still believe it and agree totally with Rich. I
> have been involved with training albiet computer/Unix training
> for over eleven years. The stuff that I've seen pass for educa-
> tional material in the TS is poor at its best.

Well Bill and any other interested parties we are NOT helpless on this
front. It seems to me that the most valuable contribution would be to form a
team with as much participatio from DIFFERENT Theosophical groups as
possible and AS A GROUP work out some educational materials.

Yes there will be disagreements but I think nothing could bring our various
"denominations" together as well as a group project -- of pretty massive
importance education -- which involves passion and effort from everyone.
Hammering out the basics in CLEAR BASIC English cold be useful with great
quotes embedded from the original teachings and constant references to the
original books where more "light" can be found. I for one would be VERY
happy to be part of such a team but I don't think any one person should be
in charge of this so that a it doesn't suffer from one necessarily
limited personality b it doesn't suffer from just ONE approach ULT
ADYAR PASADENA PT LOMA c no one person probably knows all that there is
to know or has all the writing editing and teaching skills that might be

It would be a grand noble project probably over several years. Any takers?
Any ideas on whether the "big denominations" would provide funding or are we
solo? How to request input from members of the "denominations" outside of
this board?


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