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Re: Channelling

Nov 01, 1995 08:17 PM
by Aprioripa

The rendering of the personality and body into a negative unconscious
state for an entity to possess or use it is *always* wrong. There are no
exceptions. There are many deceivers and manipulators on the astral plane ...

Here's a point where we can find agreement. But there are at least
two exceptions to this that we need to consider.
Was Cayce unconscious while giving his readings? If so does that
make the readings wrong when many proved helpful to the people
they were done for?

The truth of the matter is that when a person goes in to an altered state
they can via personal psychometry receive accurate information and even
possessors can give accurate information - but this is all part of the
deception. The main issue is that such practices are not always accurate and
are not supported by the Mahatmas or any Initiate for the reason that the
rendering of the system into such a state actually takes the person away from
the radiance in consciousness of their own soul and thereby retards their own
evolution toward full spiritual consciousness. A Mahatma works in
cooperation with and through the Higher Self.

When Bee mentions channelling and says that she is aware of what
is going on e.g. she is not in an unconscious state is her
experience wrong? If she's aware of what is happenning it is
not a case of possession but more like another form of interaction
with non-physical beings.

The personality relationship that is established in such is devitalizing and
focuses below the level of spiritual awareness. The right goal is for each
of us to be able to know truth in our own full consciousness and dependence
on any personality entity works against this. One test for proof would be to
stop channelling for three years the time for healing and see if the entity
throws temper tantrums - they usually do. There is never any coercion
cajoling etc. among those who work with and for the Mahatmas.

The Masters may use the personality of a chela but this occurs
in full waking consciousness and the chela is completely aware ...

This is what Blavatsky was said to do at times with her Teachers.
I recall something that Col. Olcott wrote about watching HPB
in New York when he could tell when KH or M was using her. Is
the ability to do this highly exceptional or is it something
more common but just not talked about?

As far as I have ever known or seen only an Initiate is able to do so.

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