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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 01, 1995 03:44 AM
by Coherence

Your post has been extremely moving and sad for me. First I have to say that
I was not around for all the commentary on your books and have not read them
although I would like to at some point.

Let's talk about generalities for a moment. Are you or are you not a
Theosophist? YOU make that determination by your actions and not by ANY
membership or affiliation. "Theosophist is who Theosophy does" HPB would
say, probably quickly followed by her other favorite line, "A tree is known
by its fruit." So the test for you (and no one else) is "Am I in the service
of Humanity and doing my DUTY by all?" Are you worthy of respect as a
Theosophist? I would follow this immediately by "Who are those from whom the
respect should come?"

Next, why are you so concerned by the karmic effects of your book(s)? You
are attached to results which implies self-interest or selfishness.
 Selflessness or at least "not selfish" is the litmus test to be applied.
 (See Bhagavad Gita) Closely related to this, the question must be asked,
"What was my motive or intent in the publication of my material?" If you are
to be considered a true Theosophist, then your motive should have been in the
service of Humanity. (See para. above) If your motive was altruistic, then
you have nothing to fear. If it was selfish and looking for reward of some
sort, you still have nothing to fear. The Karma will come, which you created
and therefore can endure, and if your eyes are open, you will learn.

After 17 years of "service" in Theosophy, you should know by now that all
Theosophical organizations, whether formal organizations or not, are sorry
affairs, poor erring vehicles of the true ideas, run by fallible humans.
 Above all, Theosophy is a movement of ideas, and it is your personal
relationship to the ideas and their embodiment in your life which must be
most important at all times. Your membership in any organization is
irrelevant. Better to be a student of Theosophy than a Theosophist conferred
only by a signature on paper.

Finally, it seems appropriate to re-quote a passage from the Key to Theosophy
which was recently included in another post on this board. You should take
these words to heart. This is from HPB's wonderful discussion of practical
Theosophy and specifically on the topic of Duty:

Enq. And what may be the duty of a Theosophist to himself.?

Theo. To control and conquer, through the Higher, the lower self. To purify
himself inwardly and morally; to fear no one, and nought, save the tribunal
of his own conscience. Never to do a thing by halves; i.e. if he thinks it
the right thing to do, let him do it openly and boldly, and if wrong, never
touch it at all. It is the duty of a Theosophist to lighten his burden by
thinking of the wise aphorism of Epictetus, who says: "Be not diverted from
your duty by any idle reflection the silly world may make upon you, for their
censures are not in your power, and consequently should not be any part of
your concern."

So, lighten your burden, and Good Luck.

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