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Re: globes and rounds

Sep 27, 1995 01:03 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<At least one of my ML quotes states that after devachan, we either
return to our world of causes, or go on to the next one. The circulation
through the Globes, as I see it, is in one direction, taking us from
D to E, F, G, A, B, C, then back to D again.>

There are at least two ways of looking at this. The view given by HPB
and Purucker is that of the life-wave in its evolutionary progression
around the planetary chain. This is, as you say here, from A to G
(although I prefer to include the 5 Globes that Purucker gives us
as well). However, there is another view. This view has to do with
pathworking in the sense that it looks at individual, rather than
life-waves or collectives. To my knowledge CWL is the only theosophist
to ever look at this view (my reading of Adyar authors is very limited,
and so I could well be missing someone here). Remember that I
have said several times that my version of HPB's model is one of
pathworking - i.e., of movement by individuals rather than life-waves.
According to my pathworking model, in addition to the 12 paths between
the 12 Globes, there is an addition 5 paths, one each along each of the
5 inner planes. Our consciousness can move in either direction along
these horizontal pathways. This arrangement allows me to

When we go to sleep, our consciousness shifts first
to Globe E. In sleep, it can stay on E, go anywhere along the
connecting path, or enter C (astral plane - dreams with emotions).
It can also rise to F and cross over to B (mental plane - dreams
without emotions). Before we can wake, it must enter C and from
there return to D. So, our typical sleep cycle would be Globes D to
E to C and back to D. However, it is probable that we enter each
of the 6 globes above D every night during our sleep. Now, this
"entering" is subjective in the sense that we are not fully embodied.

Dreams with emotions occurs on the astral plane (Swapna)
on C and E. Dreams without emotions take place on the mental
plane (Sushupti) on B and F. Deep dreamless sleep takes place on
the causal plane (Turiya) on A and G.

Jerry S.

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