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Re: On CWL

Sep 27, 1995 05:19 AM
by portelli

Yes I do, because I really cannot take "theosophical history" very seriously.
I would only serve to upset too many people who do. Like the guy who thought
that my response to Rich was "ridiculing the subject matter". Crazy! That
subject matter riducules itself.

The way that I see CWL is the way that I see any public personality.
They give/gave us their work! Whether it be music, art, or literature. All
that we really have a right to analize is the work. Leave their personal
histories to the biographers and the scandal sheets. It's a different matter
when public work determines public policy that effects the lives of people.
But not entirely different. What about the English (in reference to the affair
with Krishnaji) imperialism that allowed for the circumstances which put the
family of Krishnamurti in the situation that led to the expedience of dealing
with the theosophists? Was it their karma? Did someone explain that to Gandhi?
I gotta go...

But before I do... Even if I wanted to continue with this cyberbabble
I really do not have the time to do it.


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