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Re: On CWL

Sep 27, 1995 05:05 AM
by portelli

You know, I was afraid that someone might allude to my getting stuck in this
stuff was somehow "meant to be". Please! That's the problem with a lot of the
so called occult: If everything was as-it-should-be than we have no
responsibility for the world's social, political, economic, and on and on and
on.... problems. So we can justify wasting our lives speculating some
demensions or planes that aren't relevant to now. Who cares what this looks
like in cinamatic color on some mental plane? People are unnecessarily dying
and living miserably due directly to the lack of interest and action of people
like us who speculate the absurd.

If Rich wants to do history that is relevant to this plane now and
also is covered with all kinds of yummy homosexual scandal, try J. Edgar
Hoover. Hell, CWL is one of us. He actually thought that he was helping uplift
mankind. Hoover's your guy, Rich. He may have even dabbled in the occoult, as
so many of those who decided that it was their destiny to be some sort of
historical figures and who left nothing but misery and death in their wake.

You want to study history? I think that you're starting in the wrong

Anyway, back to the other person. This ain't meant to be, It just is.

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