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Re: A Question

Sep 26, 1995 10:53 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Daniel Caldwell:

>Last night I posted a fairly long posting asking Jerry S a series of questions
>about his comments on globes and planes. I said I ran out of time and steam
>and did not ask Eldon any questions or very few.

>I see this morning that Rich received the posting since he quoted and commented
>on something I said in this posting. I personally did not receive my
>posting from theos-l as I alway do. Did Jerry S, Eldon and everybody else
>receive their copy of my posting. Is the listserver still acting up???

I got the posting, but still haven't time to comment on it ... just yet.
Writing from work, I can express my understanding, but do not have source
books before me to give citations from. That is something that I can do
at home at night or on a weekend.

-- Eldon

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