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Re: interference with nature

Sep 24, 1995 10:43 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> [writing to Brenda]

>I do not
>believe that abstract or ideological beliefs formulated 100, 200, 300
>years ago are suitable grounds to address this problem

If you're referring to Theosophy, then you're making the statement that
it is something made up by Blavatsky. I'd say, myself, that Theosophy as
we know it is derived from a definite body of knowledge that is about
18 million years old. The knowledge is in the safekeeping of the Masters,
which are as real as any non-physical being we may encounter.

>we cannot simply
>ignore the fact that largely because of our "unnatural" science, we have
>overcome so many different "laws" of nature that our species is now
>preventing numerous other "group-souls" from even having a doorway
>through which to experience physical plane incarnation (which is what a
>species extinction is).

I'd expect the animals to be primarily active on a later globe, perhaps
Globe E. The animal lifewave is ahead of the human lifewave, and what we
see of animals on this Globe may not be representative of the way they are
on a Globe where their lifewave predominates. The populations of all the
lower kingdoms will decrease over time, as their respective lifewaves move
onto higher Globes, and they exist on the respective higher planes on
which those Globes reside.

-- Eldon

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