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Re: false impressions of JW

Sep 24, 1995 10:35 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I believe your message was well-intended, but missed its mark.

The mark was different. Rich is speaking from an intellectual perspective,
addressing their ideas and how that affects their lives. You are looking at
them from a feeling level, where the ideas aren't too important, but where
the warm, social circle of family and friends is paramont.

>I am able to form my opinion through my own experiences with people, and my
>experience tells me that they are not "in-human" therefore capable of making
>mistakes, but basically good and nothing to be afraid of, unless your life
>is desiring more of the "deeper truths" of theosophy.

As people, they can be friendly, kind, and loving to others, just as any other
people. This is quite independent of their thoughtlife and beliefs. Rich was
also concerned with how they treat their outcasts, those that leave them.
The treatment he mentions that they give those quitting their group does not
sound good. We can speak out again treating people that way, without having
to cast a shadow on their other, better qualities.

>Or unless karmically it is the time for you to become dissatisfied
>with anything less than theosophy.

They will look for something more than a happy, ordinary life when an inner
urge is felt and they become seekers. Sometimes this happens through suffering
and disillusionment. Othertimes it arises spontaneously.

>See for yourself. It's a wonderful, loving church.

Rich is busily engaged in working to show people the "something more" that
some are looking for. I'm sure he recognizes the good that can be found in
the hearts of people, regardless of their status as seekers.

-- Eldon

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