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Re: re: CWL and Mars

Sep 24, 1995 07:55 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Jerry H-E wrote
>> Later sworn police testimony by Oscar Kollestrom and the
>> collaborating eye witness testimony of Mrs. Martin that CWL
>> masturbated Oscar did not occur until 1914. Yet, I question
>> whether the label "homosexual" fits CWL in light of what we know
>> about his activities, and I would not use this term.
>Man, the more I learn about this guy, the more AWFUL he sounds. Are we sure
>that this is the same guy people are running around calling an "Adept"? What
>do the students and followers of Leadbeater make of these allegations? That
>they were all made up? By whom and for what purpose?

This is very impolite stuff. Some people out there are not being nice. Try
to think how many souls are in existence and what they are capable of, and
then go on and read CWL and enjoy him. Similar trash has been said about
JESUS, after his life was over. There are sick minds out there bent on
destroying the good and the beautiful, and you of all people should be aware
of the attacks that theosophists have had to suffer. Is it the black
brotherhood behind this?


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