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Sep 24, 1995 07:40 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Right! The very concept of "protection" indicates a fear or need within
>yourself. If you truly have a sincere compassion for others, this will cause
>your fear to dissipate - "perfect love casts out fear" - see, I DO know the
>Bible :-) and the whole idea of protection is seen as silly. But this
>ability takes time to master, and most students can't just jump into it. For
>them. building up a protective shield (rather like a magic circle) is
>necessary. For Initiates and Adepts, magic circles are no longer really
>necessary, and if done at all, are only done for effect.
> Jerry S.


Don't you think this is true for themselves, but that adepts don't just work
for themselves. I think they are always busy with protecting humanity and
all of those who are weaker than themselves and in this way, the process of
protection never ends.

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