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vicarious judgement

Sep 23, 1995 07:05 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker


It's nice to see you are still wondering and analyzing the woman's point of
view. Maybe you'll think this through for everyone.

I might mention a very nice hierarchy I encountered today while studying.
It's called the Octave of Light and it has seven steps. They are: crime (not
as thick of a layer as one might suppose), hate, anger, criticism and
condemnation, tolerance, joy, and love. When you reach the love layer of the
octave you reach Perfect Happiness. I think this is because you finally
realize that everything which happens has a divine purpose and that we are
all capable of working and improving through the use of the above design.
The highest three layers correspond with the abstract principles in man. The
lower four correspond with the lower four planes of form: physical, etheric,
astral, and lower mental. Some might suppose that through "love" we come to
realize that "hate" can attract people out of crime. Does this make sense?

Good luck


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