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authority figures

Sep 23, 1995 06:57 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Brenda wrote:
>> Murder is an awfully strong word to use in such exceptional circumstances.
>> Do you believe your own government upholds "murder"? You have so little
>> trust in the judicial and lawmaking bodies. You don't mention even a hint
>> "Leave the decision to those who are more learned in this area."
>Rich wrote:
>Surely, Brenda, you are NOT saying that I should not have an opinion, because
>older and wiser people know more than I do, and I should let them think for
It might help.

>As for those "who are more learned," you neglected to mentio that I also
>quoted HPB's opinion on abortion, and she seemed dead set against it in
>general, called it an attempt at "double suicide," because often the mother
>will die too, or have her life dramatically shortened.

Ah, you caught me. I thought of this, too, and you are right you did quote
HPB. Do you think her opinion is really valid today though, what with the
medical procedures being what they are?

>> I really wish there was this much concern for animals and this much fight
>> directed towards living a vegetarian life. Not only the animals would
>> benefit here, but the people who refrain from accumulating this karma.
>There is, at least in Theosophical circles I am aware of. Most Theosophists
>I know are vegetarians, like myself, and we belong to many, many
>organizations to help animals, end laboratory testing, and end the practise
>of injecting farm animals with chemicals and hormones.

One more reason I love you, Rich. This is a really important discussion for
us all to improve our skills on. How many people can really give a
presentation on vegetarianism which would appeal to "new members?"


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