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Re: CWL and Mars

Sep 20, 1995 11:28 AM
by Richtay

Eldon wrote:

> Earlier this year, Daniel Caldwell put up some historic postings that some
> readers did not like, and basically told him to keep it off "theos-l", to
> keep that stuff on "theos-roots". That time, no one came to his defense,
> and the comments suggesting that he post there were left unopposed. He
> subsequently started posting some messages there.


> What we really have is an attempt
> to tell people that we don't agree with to shut up.

Yes, well I don't agree with a LOT of what I read on Theo-L. Too bad for me!
 I still use the delete key whenever I see a post to or from our
fundamentalist friend, and whenever I get bored with a post I can delete it
right in the middle. It is a pain, but so is freedom and democracy!

Daniel Caldwell has a slightly different opinion of "source" Theosophy than I
do, Eldon and JRC have different views on psychic exploration, etc. etc.
 That's why it's called DISCUSSION and not "ditto."

If we are all content to let "Daniel Who Irritates the Lions" to discuss
whatever he likes, then it seems equally fair to allow historical discussions
to continue unimpededly.

Daniel Caldwell, if you read this and would like to open up some discussions
of history, this time I feel some people WILL back you up. Go for it, and if
I don't agree with what you write I'll be sure and speak up (or delete it!)


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