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Re: CWL and Mars

Sep 20, 1995 08:31 AM
by jrcecon

Rich ...

John Mead was kind enough to create a list precisely for historical
discussions. I do hope the same battle isn't fought all over again. No one
tried to shut Daniel up or banish him or anything like that ... they simply
said discuss history on the list designed to discuss history. And theos-l is
now much bigger and more active than it was then, hence even a stronger reason
to keep historical discussions on theos-roots. (To this day I'm not sure why
this was even an issue ... save that Daniel was critiquing KPJ's book and I
s'pect (though I may be wrong) that he wanted a wider audience than is present
on theos-roots). If there are subscribers that are on theos-l, and not on
theos-roots, doesn't that mean they are stating that they are not interested in
historical discussions? This was never censorship, rather simple Internet list
definition ... without which we'd all have ten times as many posts to delete.

 Cheers, JRC

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