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Re: censoring

Sep 20, 1995 08:28 AM

Dear Rich,

But the living followers can be injured, if not materially than
metaphysically, whatever. Thoughtforms can injure too. Nasty
thought forms do harm to both the sender & the receiver.

Incidentally, is WQ Judge yours? I forget whose he is now. I
was previewing a video tape this AM for my next theosophical
meeting. The tape was an explanation of the basics of Theosophy
as presented at the Parliament of World Religions. Tony Lysy of
Adyar was presiding, & he quoted Judge 3,4 times. The ULT
representative was an Indian lady in a sari, who gave a really
interesting talk about the history of the Wisdom Religions.

All TS societies either spoke or were represented in the
audience, & commented from there. John Algeo was in the
audience & made a few comments, & Grace was there (must've been
Grace K.) & I think commented too. I was very pleased to note
that our leaders are getting together just as we are.


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