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Re: abortion

Sep 20, 1995 05:47 AM

Hi Liesel,

+about who you are. Do you belong to a theosophical group in
+Switzerland? Where do they meet & what kinds of things do you
+talk about?
+What theosophical books have you read?

I belong not to a theosophical group. I can vaguely remember having
read some chapters from a thick book from H.P.B. I don't know now
the title of the book but one chapter made a great impression to me,
it was the chapter "Die kommende Kraft". Do you know whick book it was?
It was also mentionned a man named John Worell Keely who made very interesting
investigations in amerika in the time of 1880. I have also studied a little
bit Heindels Astrology and Karma book. Another theosophical book
which I've studied is Steiners Theosophy and many other books and lectures
from this wise man. I've heard that there was unfortunately a sepatation
between him and the theosophical movement due to Chrishnamurti...
Is this "conflict" now considered always in the same way like in the beginning
of the century? What about an unification of theosophy and anthroposophy?
Or are there too many contradictions? Do both streams know of each other
and do they leave the others in peace with no further initiatives?

I live in Dornach where the Goetheanum, the center of the anthroposophical
movement is staying. It's a huge impressionating building -- you might have
seen it if you were already in Basel. Now I'm finishing my PhD in Physics
and am underway to investigate how the spirit has formed matter...
in order to extend the natural science towards spiritual science.

Om shanti,

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