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Re: does Jesus live etherially?

Sep 19, 1995 10:59 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Daniel writes:

>As you can tell I have done alot of study in this area and I could go
>on for hours. I can simply wrap it up with:
>The Scriptures have not yet been fulfilled.

Thanks for sharing this. Theosophists and astrologers tell of the coming of
the Aquarian age, but I have never seen the exact date for this happening.
An age, such as the Piscean lasts 2000 years approximately, so the question
whether the Aquarian age is here or not is not one I can answer. Does anyone
know the answer to this question?

P.S. I especially love all of the little books that are associated with the
Jehovah Witnesses. These are really easy reading and are delightfully
illustrated. They are wonderful aids in teaching children religion, etc.
There is so much study material, I think it would take me a decade to get
through most of it.


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