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Re: School and Schools

Sep 19, 1995 10:58 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>True schools of the adepts are present on every continent, now
>as in HPB's time and far back into antiquity. The One School
>of the Universal Brotherhood is a spiritual reality that lies
>beyond the separate, specific socio-religious entities called

We agree about the different schools being present on different
parts of the globe. Regarding the existence of an overall school
that ties them together, certainly I'd expect some organizational
structure, if not cross communication among the adepts. Our
idea of a global community with internet and satellite communication
is certainly the stuff of beginners compared to their faculties
of communcation.

In a sense, there are *two* schools. We read of the Sons of Will
and Yoga, a group of Dhyani-Chohans that remain behind on earth
after the incarnation of the Manasaputras. If they reside on our
globe, they certainly are doing something. Again, there must be
some sense of culture, community, and organization to them, perhaps
separate and apart from that of the Mahatmas and human Bodhisattvas
and Buddhas.

-- Eldon

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