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to daniel on liberation

Sep 19, 1995 10:48 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>You see regardless of my understanding of these certain
>events I remain PAN-Trib. However it pans out in the end
>that is what I am for.
>The warnings in scripture can be forgotten, blown-off, or
>neglected but just as a sign on the road indicates "Cliff Ahead",
>if you remain in denial and press the Cliff you will go.
>I am simply waiving my hands attempting to create a
>diversion here so that you will not fall into your own
>There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end
>is destruction.

You know the idea of destruction isn't really that unpleasant, is it? It's
more the idea of having to live painfully embroilled in life after life that
becomes unbearable. This is what at first motivated me to find out more
about truth. The threat of having to live again seemed so merciless. How
could I have to go through life again with the possibility of being born
anywhere in the world where suffering can so easily come? Not only that but
the thought of what we must have been like in the past and the build up of
all that negative karma which would make relationships with past
acquaintances like a "doomsday." This is my personal doomsday. Having to
meet people and pay off what I owe them. Pay with pain. I am very fond of
the idea of liberation. If I work hard and follow the instructions given to
me, perhaps some of this negative karma can be avoided - FORGIVEN - because
I have willingly gone forward and amended my ways, for one, but also because
I hope I am more valuable to those who are seeking to make earth a better
place and who are adept at it. Duty and service and sacrifice are my choice
for the replacement of living life in the wrong way resulting in one contact
after another proving to be there just to "do us in" for what we have done.

I'm not afraid of doomsday, only of the thought that I have to return to
earth and search in hopes of finding the esoteric wisdom again.


Thank you so much. I really enjoyed your post.

Mr. Caldwell:

I appreciate your support in opening ourselves to Daniel.

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