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Re: Groups vs. Aggregates

Sep 19, 1995 10:44 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


I can see the distinction between groups and aggregrates, as you
define the terms. One is a collection of individuals with active
karmic ties, with some form of interaction with the others. The
second is all individuals with a shared characteristic, whether
they know each other or not.

While there can be Masters that work together in groups, and not
directly involved with those outside their group, we have to
consider other ways that they are related.

If the number of Masters is very small, there's a good chance
that over hundreds of lifetimes they will come to know each other,
regardless of what groups they work in. On the other hand, if there
are so many of them that they cannot possibly know all the others,
even over millions of years, then there will be some that are
outside a particular Master's immediate circle.

I would expect that the Masters are related by organizations and
some structure to the work that they do. Through the activities of
the organization or organizations they interact with each other;
they are not all free agents, only connected with their immediate
friends and peers. Like in a university, the policies, resources,
curriculum, and supporting staff of their organization(s) are
available to the Masters.

-- Eldon

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