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Re: abortion

Sep 19, 1995 11:54 AM

Gruess Gott Stephan,

You can just start writing to our list, if you want to. We're
very informal. But it would also be nice to know a little bit
about who you are. Do you belong to a theosophical group in
Switzerland? Where do they meet & what kinds of things do you
talk about?
What theosophical books have you read?

I have some very definite ideas on abortion, but they don't
have much to do with theosophy, just with what I think is
practical for living. I'm for leaving the decision to the
woman, her husband, if any, & her doctor. I'm "eine alte Dame",
and, in my lifetime i've seen the tragedies which can occur
when women go for illegal abortions, & some of them will do
that, whether the whole world decides to believe in abortions
or not. Has nothing to do with theosophy, except that I don't
like to see people risk their lives, or their health

I've visited your beautiful country once, a while ago. I used
to have an Aunt in Basel. Now I've only got a cusin, Rolf, who
lives in the country somewhere near there, but I haven't heard
from him in many years. My son & grandchildren went skiing in
your Alps, when they lived in Paris. I myself was born in
Frankfurt am Main, but I came to the States when I was 11. I
still remembr my German, but it's a bit rusty.


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