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Re: 666

Sep 19, 1995 08:21 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Aki writes to Daniel:

>I also want to corrrect your logic when you compare this numerological
>interpretation of WWW to your other examples - they are rumours, I
>suppose, and you present them in a such manner, at least they are not
>verified facts. But this abbreviation needs no proofing, it is in use,
>and you can see it and you can also interpret is as suggested - this all
>is common knowledge, facts. As I said, it is a different question whether
>this is signifigant or not. My reason why I cross-posted Stephan's post
>was that to my astonishment nobody has remarked this before, because this
>is quite obvious to see as many peoples know something about numerology.

It doesn't really matter what the letter stands for in Hebrew, because World
Wide Web is English and in English the W = 5 numerologically. 555 isn't
demonistic, so don't worry.

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