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Re: Source Teachings Part II

Sep 19, 1995 07:24 AM

Then in Dec., 1878, HPB and Olcott left New York for India.

In August (I believe), 1879, Damodar Mavalankar came to visit HPB and his
life was totally changed by this meeting.

Then in Dec., 1879, HPB went to Allahabad where she meet Alfred Sinnett. This
meeting with HPB also changed the course of Sinnett's life.

T. Subba Row, I believe, started corresponding withHPB in 1879. She and
Olcott went to Madras in May, 1882 and meet him. Subba Row's life was also
changed. Olcott writes later: "....his mother...told me that her son first
talked metaphysics after forming a connection with the Founders....It was as
though a storehouse of occult experience, long forgotten, had been suddenly
opened to him....; he recognized his Guru, and thenceforward held intercourse
with him and other Mahatmas....He told his mother that H.P.B. was a great Yogi..

In a letter dated July 1, 1885, Subba Row writes to a correspondent:

"...she [HPB] happens to be the only agent that can be employed by the
*Mahatmas* for the purposes of the T.S."

In 1881, there was only one major Theosophical work in existence---*Isis
Unveiled* although from October 1874 up to Dec. 1880, HPB had written a steady
stream of articles that now fill two large volumes of her *Collected Writings*.
Just a few months earlier (October, 1880), the Mahatmic correspondence with
A.P. Sinnett had started. Based upon these letters from the Masters KH and
M., Sinnett wrote his two early theosophical classics---*The Occult World*
(1881) and *Esoteric Buddhism* (1883). Sinett and A.O. Hume recieved over a
period of 4 1/2 years (1880-1885) more than 140 letters and notes from these

It is in these letters of the Masters that we find statements indicating the
unique status of HPB and her mission:

"But, imperfect as may be our visible agent...yet, she [HPB] is the best
available at present...."

"[The Master M. describes HPB as} a woman of most exceptional and wonderful
endowments. Combined with them she had strong personal defects, but just
as she was, there was no second to her living fit for this work...."

"This state of hers [HPB] is intimately connected with her occult
training in Tibet, and due to her being sent out alone into the world
to gradually prepare the way for others. After nearly a century of fruitless
search, our chiefs had to avail themselves of the only opportunity to send
out a European *body*...."

>From 1881 through 1887, HPB continued to write articles on Theosophy, the
occult, the esoteric, etc. These articles fill 6 volumes of her Collected

In April, 1884 in London, HPB meet Charles Leadbeater. This meeting with
HPB changed the course of his future.

In Oct-Dec. 1888, HPB's magnum opus THE SECRET DOCTRINE was published in

In early 1889 Annie Besant went to HPB's house in Lodon to meet the Russian
Theosophist. Mrs. Besant's life was totally changed by this meeting with

>From Jan. 1888 till HPB's death in May, 1891, articles from her pen fill
5 more volumes of her *Collected Writings*. Included in Vol. 12 of these
writings are her Esoteric Instructions. Books published after the SD, include
The Key to Theosophy, the Voice of the Silence, Transactions of the Blavatsky
Lodge, and Gems from the East. Within a year of her death, her *Nightmare
Tales* and her *Theosophical Glossary* were published.

This list does not include the complete, unabridged version of THE INNER

Dr. H.J Spierenburg estimates that HPB wrote "nearly 10,000 pages" of
printed material in the 16 years and 6 months of her public career.

This was almost all written in longhand except for her verbal teachings which
were transcribed in shorthand.

And I don't believe this estimate of 10,000 pages includes her volumes
private correspondence which numbers now more than 1,000 letters and will be
published in 3 large volumes.

Last year I also discovered several hundred pages of HPB manuscripts
in longhand that have never been published.

If 10,000 plus pages is a good estimate of her liteary output, then she wrote
on the average of 50 plus pages of printed pages each month of her
public career.

We also have 3 volumes of Mahatma letters recieved by various individuals
from 1875 through 1891.

Continued in Part III

Daniel Caldwell

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