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Re: Welcome Tracey

Sep 19, 1995 06:28 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Tracey I teach courses in the symbology of the Tarot and find that Vogle
and Noble are perhaps the most knowledgeable mythologists on the tarot
scene barring the Matthews team who have work on the Arthurian Tarot. You
critique of the over emphasis on body is a correct one I think . In fact, I
see this kind of adulation of the body distinct from the spirit and mind
leads right back to biology is destiny for women. I totally disagree with
that. The emphasis is tends to be on motherhood a wonderful theme but not
the only valid one for women. I also detect not just an anti- patriarchy
perspective but perhaps a anti-male approach in some of their writing. I
would say look out you don't become your shadow. These criticisms
notwithstanding I enjoy their work and use it in my courses on a limited

I am teach a fall course on Tarot and have just completed my outline if you
want it I will send it to you off line.


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