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Re: Globes!?!?!

Sep 16, 1995 06:07 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>> Eldon:

>>It describes, from my viewpoint, centers of consciousness on >planes, rather
>>than the planes themselves, and I try to make a distinction >between centers
>>of conscousness and the various principles, of which each >center has its
>>own set of.

>Eldon, I've never heard this before and it would be great if you could go on
>a bit more about centers of consciousness and how they are different from
>principles. References to original material would help me also, if you can
>get to them easily.

One place where I recall reading about the distiction was in the Corresponding
Fellows Lodge Bulletin, put out by Elsie Benjamin, in England, a few decades
ago. She put out two issues of her newsletter devoted to the topic. The
materials from her newsletter were later published by Point Loma Publications
as "A Study of the Whole of Man", including "The Significance of the Seven
Principles of Man" and "The Significance of the Monad", ISBN 0-913004-41-3.
In Europe, the book can be ordered through Gazelle.

I'll try to look into some other references as I have time.

-- Eldon

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