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Re: JRC to Eldon: Inner Abilities

Sep 16, 1995 05:47 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>One word about the 3rd Object

>Eldon "Are these powers of the spirit or of the lower siddhis?"

>Liesel - to me, your intepretation of "Unexplained phenomena
>&etc" is much too narrow.

I wasn't really trying to define the object, but show that the
way that it is worded is open to differing interpretations. Why?
To show that we cannot use the object as a justification in itself
for any particular approach. Various types of studies may be useful,
but each should be considered on its own merits.

>To me, the 3rd Object includes the
>study of fractiles, biofeedback, therapeutic touch, strange
>attractors, black holes, neutrinos, healing with music, Jung,
>Assagioli, Kahuna healing, entropy, Darth Veder, near death
>experiences ... anything at the frontier of human knowledge
>worth looking into

There's nothing wrong with exploring all these avenues of learning
and experience. It's find to explore the unknown, to try to discover
new things. We wouldn't want, though, to experiment with drugs without
first knowing what they do. Or stand by while teenagers explore their
sexuality without knowing about the risks involved. Or fly an airplane
without ground school and some in-flight training. Not all areas of
exploration are without risk, without prior instruction and training.
And we are warned against forced psychic development. (It may be a different
situation for people with naturally-occurring abilities.) Should we say
nothing in warning, based upon what we've learned from Theosophy? What
to say about the subject, and the appropiate and diplomatic way to say
it, are difficult at time to discern.

-- Eldon

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