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Re: True Progress

Sep 15, 1995 10:59 AM

Dear Rich,

Re your post about William Q. Judge, I need to make several

1.) You write of him as having become "the single greatest
force for Theosophy in America." That may be true from your ULT
point of view, but I wish to state, especially for those new to
this list, that Adyar considers several other Theosophists of
Judge's generation to have also been great forces for Theosophy
in America. I'm not going to name names here, because I'm
trying to say this very peacefully. But I need to raise my

2.) I'm glad to hear that somebody else was viciously attacked
by their fellow Theosophists. I don't know a lot about Judge at
this point, but from your post I think I should read him some
to know what he stands for, & what he did.

3.) I'd like to suggest that all these attacks are over 100
years old, & that I really think the time has come to bridge
these gaps, & heal up these wounds. I think our talking here on
this post, all of us together, is one step in the right
direction. I think we're well on the way to acomplishing some
sort of harmony in diversity, of being able to dialogue without
killing each other. I think our leaders are also heading in
this direction, & I heartily approve. There aren't that many of
us, & we have a very postive & dynamic outlook to offer. I
think it would help the Theosophical movement if we could all
move forward together, not forgetting our diferences, but still
acting in concert. That's what hopefully will one day happen to
the whole human race ... that out of all our differences will
come one gigantic unified accord. Wouldn't it be nice if
Theosophists could be one of the spearheads of accord?


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