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Re: True Progress

Sep 15, 1995 02:53 AM
by Richtay


It is hard for me to read your latest round of posts, because I have been
told a number of times by encouraging members of this board to watch my tone.
 I don't see others making similar efforts:

JEC: > Thus it often happens when abilities are force-developed:
>only the crudest of layers are available. But just because one
>always turns one's radio to the polka station doesn't mean polkas
>are *all* the radio can receive. (And, doncha just love
>"teachers" that say things like "Beware the illusions of matter"?
>How very profound!)

Perhaps you aren't familiar with William Q. Judge. He was a founder of the
T.S., and the principal Messenger of the Masters in America for many years.
 He was not a casual student, nor a little dabbler in occultism and the
astral, but spent 13 years earning chelaship, and went on to become the
single greatest force for Theosophy in America.

You need not like him or respect him, you may point out his "errors" and
consider that he was unconcious of his motives, etc. But it may help to be
aware that your dismissive tone makes you difficult to read, and your
emotional sniping at a student of the Masters makes you difficult to take
seriously. He trained with the Masters and is teaching "source Theosophy."
 If you are so upset about what he says, it may be worthwile to consider what
kind of Theosophy you are a student of?

I would merely throw in my own comment, that blinded by ONE aspect of the
teaching (be it globes or psychic development or whatever) we may miss the
greater picture, and end up drawing a caricature of those who came to teach
us. Mr. Judge did not "force" his psychic development, he was following a
program of development of the Mahatmas (according to his statements-- perhaps
he lied or was deluded). Under that program, apparently, one is left alone
most of the time to find one's own way.

It is also easier to understand, given the current climate on this board, why
Mr. Judge was so viciously and mercilessly attacked by many second-generation
Theosophists during his life, because he stuck to HPB's lines, which the
others WOULD NOT.


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