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Re: Globes!?!?!

Sep 14, 1995 10:51 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>>The globes are the "places" where existence can happen. They
>>are situated on different planes. When we come into >incarnation,
>>fully clothed in our seven principles, on a particular plane, it
>>is on one of them.

>If so, why are all 6 of the "higher" globes on 3 planes?

Purucker draws a correspondance between the twelve globes and the
lokas and talas. There is a globe on the highest plane, pairs of
globes on the five intermediate planes, and a single globe on the bottom
plane. On the highest and lowest planes the lokas and talas act in
concert and we have singular globes, making twelve rather than fourteen.

On the downward arc, we pass through the downward-looking globes,
corresponding to the talas. On the upward arc, we pass through the
upward-looking globes, the lokas.

The seven globes of HPB are the bottom-most ones, on the four
planes of form. The higher five are on the formless realms, on the
three highest planes.

A plane is not so much a place as it is a state of being, and each
of the globes is a center of conscousness in the Earth in the
different states that are possible.

>I agree with you that the globes are "on" planes or matter, but all 7 globes
>are on the FOUR lower planes.


>This seems to me to be describing principles
>"on" planes rather than the planes themselves, and they are DIRECTLY parallel
>to the human principles.

It describes, from my viewpoint, centers of consciousness on planes, rather
than the planes themselves, and I try to make a distinction between centers
of conscousness and the various principles, of which each center has its
own set of.

>Still, I acknowledge that a lot about the globes is misty to me, I need a lot
>more study and pondering.

It's a useful "koan" to work on. As we continue to think about it, we
end up exploring many of the theosophical teachings, and having a good time.

-- Eldon

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