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Re: The END

Sep 14, 1995 07:20 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>>Relief? Heat turning up? The heat that you feel is likely
>>your own passion in trying to convert people of other
>>beliefs into the views of your own religious sect. But we
>>know too much, and have had too many direct experiences of
>>our own of the Spirit to fall for the argument you might
>>make that your approach is an exclusive one.

>The heat I was speaking of was Fire from heaven. Nothing like
>70lbs Hail of fire raining on your party.

The only fire that comes from heaven is that which warms
the heart in compassion for others.

>No need to be concerned. It is not like anyone who defied God
>got swallowed up by the earth or anything.

We may question your mental-image of the spiritual, where you
call it "God" and give it your own description. It is the same
divine life to be found in the hearts of all beings. We see and
recognize it everywhere. You refuse to look on the face of "God"
except when it appears behind a mask of your own choice. I'd
suggest that your approach is the one in defiance of the divine,
refusing to honor it when it appears before you in life.

The above is not intended to be in any way disrespectful of
your own deeply-felt religious experiences, but only to comment
on the words you use to describe things, words that act as blinders
keeping you unaware of the universality of the spiritual. If you
take literally those words and worship them instead of the living
presence of the divine itself, you have made for yourself graven
images and are doing worship to them!

-- Eldon

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