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Sep 13, 1995 08:38 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>So if the Arc of Ascent in this
>manvantara is longer than the Arc of Descent (which is
>what you are saying here, I think) then at some point it
>had better balance out, or your theory will have a big
>origin problem which has no logical answer.

This conversation seems silly to me.

I have two examples I'd like to present as illustrative of the "life evolving."

Let's take the situation of the soul and also look at what happens in a
department store.

1) The soul puts out a "portion" of itself which then incarnates and comes
into earth existence. Let's say the soul has in the past developed its
musical talents, but this life it purposely tries to get by without music.
It reaches somewhere in its depth into undeveloped areas. Likewise, the
other souls coming into incarnation with this particular soul are working
out parts of their being. The life which was a musician is being asked to
look for other work. So this person tries different kinds of work to be
happy. They try construction and building. They only are able to attain the
level of a "hanger of drywall" but make enough to live and are happy with
family life. So the next life, they try construction again and this time
they become a general contractor and are responsible for the construction of
Next life they graduate again to being an architect, but the soul desires to
stop here and return to balance. It's music is good. It's building is
good. What's next? Teaching. Next the soul begins learning and teaching.
The idea is that only a part of its work in any one area is done at any one
time. It keeps reaching into its inner recesses until there is no more
darkness to bring to light and then it is reborn as a higher being.

2) Let's say I own and operate a department store. I'm trying to make a
profit. I notice I'm low on men's clothing, but have an overstock in
children's, so I put the children's clothing up for sale. Now I have the
money I need to purchase menswear. People come to the store, buy the
menswear and give me their cash. You might say my store never changes. I
always have the same departments and the same amount of cash, but this isn't
so. My store develops depending on who the vendors are and what their
merchandise is and also depending upon who the shoppers are and whether they
appreciate my products. My store doesn't just succeed as other stores fail.
My store is constantly trading and things are coming in and things are going
out. Even if I make ONE appropriate sale which enhances the comfort and
prestige of ONE man at an appropriate time in their professional life, who
has the right or the gaul to say I failed. I did my job and others are
testimony to it. The store continues to live and to exhibit its wares for
an indefinite? amount of time, or does it depend upon the "astrological time
of its birth?

Anyway, I don't get the gist of "perfect" returning to "perfect" or
"imperfect" becoming more "perfect" or life is higher than it once was. Part
of me is useful at one time and part of me is latent. Mankind is still
dependent upon karma for its growth. One day we will be able to use
"self-initiative" in living and not just have to hope for the best. Life is
full of surprises because we're not totally involved at any one time and
because we're investigating the mystery that is us. I'd much rather be a
totally conscious being who has successfully come into contact with the soul
and knows exactly what it is I am trying to accomplish. However as things
stand now there is still a "forgetting" and a "remembering" taking place and
not any continuity of purpose.

Even the man who has to work in construction, if he is terribly unhappy, has
the right to try to open himself up to the wonder of his "inner being."
Through doing so maybe he would come upon his success in music again and
through music again become a happy, productive person.

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