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To Daniel Re The Gupta-Vidya Model

Sep 13, 1995 10:00 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Daniel:<Several months ago, Adam Warcup asked you about your
understanding concerning the relationship between the globes
of the Earth chain and kamaloka and devachan. Did you ever
reply to Adam's query?>

I am afraid that I must have missed his posting. I
did not reply, because I did not read his post (at least I
can't recall it anyway). I missed several weeks postings a
month or two ago.

Daniel:<IF I remember the details of his question (I can't say
that I do!), he was of the opinion that your understanding of
the globes did not dovetail with what is said by HPB and the
Mahatmas in their writings. I don't want to speak for Adam
since I may not be recounting accurately what he posted.>

As far as I know, my understanding of the Globes
dovetails with HPB exactly. She describes the Globes in terms
of the Qabalistic Sephiroth, but placed them in a different
order (circular but still with 7 below the Abyss).
G. de P. added 2 more to make 12 - and he places them right
square in the Abyss itself. I am not aware of saying
anything that contradicts her or his writings. True, I would
add five horizontal connecting paths along each of the inner
five planes, but this in no way contradicts anything they

Daniel:<What does Globe D consists of? Does it have seven

Globe D consists of our planet Earth on which we,
as human beings, are born, live, and die. It equates closely
with Malkuth, the lowest and most physical Sephiroth. Yes,
it has 7 principles, one acting on each of its 7 subplanes, but
these are not the same 7 that we have as human beings - Globe
D's manas is not human manas or human mind. The principles of
each Globe correspond to those of the 7 human principles, but
they are certainly not equal.

Is Kamaloka within Globe D? or is kamaloka "located" on Globe
 E or.....?

Kamaloka is on the astral plane - the second upward
from the physical and thus cannot be located anywhere on
Globe D, which is entirely localized on the physical plane.
The astral plane is the plane of emotions - our emotions
are substantial there. In Kamaloka, we slough off these
emotions alias the "astral body" and go on to Devachan.
I would say that Kamaloka is located somewhere on the
pathway between Globes E and C. It is not really a "place"
so much as a process. Devachan, BTW, is localized somewhere
on the pathway between Globes F and B, and it is not a
location or place either, but rather a state of consciousness
much like a peaceful but emotionless dream.

Daniel:<Would appreciate your comments. Maybe Adam will
repost his original question and add some comments. etc.>

Anytime. If you find something in any of my model's
descriptions that clearly conflict with HPB, the MLs, or
Judge (which I believe theos-l agrees constitute the
theosophical core teachings) than please quote the original
for me - and if you differ in personal opinion, that please
state that as well just for fun. But as far as I know, I am
in complete agreement with the core teachings (though I
admit to using a little of CWL's terminology). "My" model,
BTW, can be found in Fountain-Source of Occultism by G. de P.
See page 141 where there are 7 Globes below the Abyss and
5 above. This model differs from the Tree of Life in two
main ways. (1) there are 12 Globes/Sephiroth instead of 10,
 and (2) they are arranged in a large circle (a planetary
chain) rather than the tree-shape of the Qabala. Thus
"pathworking" or exploration via what I call the Gupta-
Vidya Model is a lot different than pathworking the Qabala.
But I have to be honest here - I prefer the theosophical
model. Another version of this model is shown on page 323 of
Fountain-Source. Here G de P shows the 10-plane version of
the model. HPB only gave out the 7-globe 4-plane version.
G de P gave out the 7-plane 12-globe version of the model,
as well as the 10-plane version. On page 323, the 10-plane
model clearly shows the dividing lines between each of the
lower 7 planes. Each of the 5 inner cosmic planes has 2
Globes, while each of the two outer planes have only one.
There is a harmonious balance to this which the intuition
can appreciate, that simply doesn't exist with the Tree of
Life. Besides, the theosphical model clearly is arranged
to address the doctrine of cycles, which cannot be said for
the Tree of Life. Alan might not agree with me here, but
I think that HPB's model (or at least, my own interpretation
of it) better reflects the esoteric tradition than the
Tree of Life, which does pretty well.

Jerry S.

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