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To Eldon

Sep 13, 1995 09:59 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<This happens if we'd stopped our practice in our
Globe D human ego, passed through an inner laya center, and
are now functioning in an entirely different ego within,
perhaps the Globe E human ego. From the standpoint of the
Globe D center of consciouss the mind has "stopped", but so
have all the rest of the principles. But now we are a
different version of ourselves, with its own respective
seven principles, and the manas or mind of that ego is now
functioning. So when *this* minds stops, we're simply
continuing to experience *that* mind.>

Your response is in line with your view of the
Globes, which is certainly not my understanding of them.
I think that you (and Rich, apparently) misunderstand
(in the sense of making a relatively simply idea overly-
confusing) the idea of the principles, but at least you
are consistent. I also have a problem with your
idea that "all the rest of the principles" have stopped.
If the prana (life-energy) stops, then you die, I would

Alan can correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think
the Qabala teaches that we need an entirely new ego (i.e., 7
new principles) in order to experience each Sephirah.

Eldon:<That would be a practice that emphasizes getting out
of our Globe D human ego, the focus of our human evolution,
and to shift away to another center of consciousness. It
is a different goal than a spiritual practice that fosters
the unfolding of the higher principles...>

Only if we use your model of the Globes. This
is not true using my model. I do not believe that we
have a Globe D ego, and a Globe E ego, and so on. I see
this as an unncessary complication. I see Globe E on
the astral plane as already including my astral body,
and Globe F on the mental plane as containing my mental
body, and so on. Perhaps my model is closer to CWL's
than yours, but it works well, and is a lot easier to
understand. I'm using Occam's Razor here :-)
Anyway, raising consciousness into the spiritual Globes
does not have "a different goal" than the one you state.
Its a way of "unfolding the higher principles" without
recourse to multiple personalities.

Eldon:<It is pure consciousness if we shift our focus into
the higher principles. It is an other-plane adventure if we
shift away from the Globe D human ego, into another ego or
center of consciousness in our constitution.>

It is just here where our different models give
us wholly different interpretations of what is going on -
and shows the importance of models per se. As far as I
am concerned, when someone shifts their consciousness
into their "higher principles" they are de facto shifting
consciousness to a higher plane and Globe. I do not
for one moment think that we sense spirituality on Globe
D, but rather on the higher Globes, which are not off in
space somewhere, but right here all around us. When we
go to sleep, we enter Globe E. Death is equivalent to
entering Globe F, and so on. Globe D is physical and on
the physcial plane - and we can only be aware of it (i.e.
have our consciousness focussed on Globe D) via the senses
of the physical body - the waking state. In the same way,
we focus consciousness on Globe E via our astral senses on
the astral plane (in the dream state) and so on. To me,
this is theosophical. It may not be to you.

Eldon:<I think that both our models are initially based on
the same source, but have taken different turns as we
attempted to further understand how they worked.>


 Jerry S.

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