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SD quotes re: The END

Sep 13, 1995 02:07 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>What does Theosophy do with DOOMSDAY?

SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol II, p. 222 (an ISIS UNVEILED passage)

 "In consequence of this, war was declared, the story of which would be
too long to narrate; its substance may be found in the disfigured allegories
of the race of Cain, the giants, and that of Noah and his righteous farnily.
The conflict came to an end by the submersion of the Atlantis, which finds
its imitation in the stories of the Babylonian and Mosaic flood. The giants
and magicians '=85 and all flesh died =85 and every man.' All except=
and Noah, who are substantially identical with the great Father of the
Thlinkithians in the Popol-Vuh, or the sacred book of the Guatemaleans,
which also tells of his escaping in a large boat like the Hindu=
 If we believe the tradition at all, we have to credit the further
story that, from the intermarrying of the progeny of the hierophants of the
island and the descendants of the Atlantean Noah, sprang up a mixed race of
righteous and wicked. On the one side the world had its Enochs, Moseses,
various Buddhas, its numerous 'Saviours, and great hierophants; on the other
hand, its 'natural magicians' who, through lack of the restraining power of
proper spiritual enlightenment, =85 perverted their gifts to evil purposes.=

>From THE SECRET DOCTRINE, Vol II, p. 332-333
(b) Now, how could those records have been preserved? we may be asked. Even
the knowledge of the Zodiac is denied to the Hindus by our kind and learned
Orientalists, who conclude that the Aryan Hindus knew nothing of it, before
the Greeks brought it into the country. This uncalled-for slander was so
sufficiently refuted by Bailly, and what is more, by the clear evidence of
facts, as not to need very much additional refutation. While the Egyptians
have on their Zodiacs irrefutable proofs of records having embraced more
than three-and-a-half sidereal years=97or about 87,000 years=97the Hindu
calculations cover nearly thirty-three such years, or 800,000 years. The
Egyptian priests assured Herodotus that the Pole of the Earth and the Pole
of the Ecliptic had formerly coincided. But, as remarked by the author of
the Sphinxiad, "These our benighted Hindoos have registered a knowledge of
Astronomy for ten times 20,000 years since the (last local) Flood (in Asia),
or Age of Horror," in the latitude of India. And they possess recorded
observations from the date of the first Great Flood within the Aryan
historical memory=97that which submerged the last portions of Atlantis,
800,000 years ago. The floods which preceded are, of course, more
traditional than historical.

The sinking and transformation of Lemuria beginning nearly at the Arctic
Circle (Norway), the Third Race ended its career in Lanka, or rather on that
which became Lanka with the Atlanteans. The small remnant now known as
Ceylon is the Northern highland of ancient Lanka, while the enormous island
of that name was, in the Lemurian period, the gigantic continent described a
few pages back. As a MASTER says (See "Esoteric Buddhism," p. 65):=97" Why
should not your geologists bear in mind that under the continents explored
and fathomed by them. There may be hidden, deep in the fathomless, or rather
unfathomed ocean beds, other and far older continents whose strata have
never been geologically explored; and that they may some day upset entirely
their present theories? Why not admit that our present continents have, like
Lemuria and Atlantis, been several times already submerged, and had the time
to re-appear again and bear their new groups of mankind and civilisations;
and that at the first great geological upheaval at the next cataclysm, in
the series of periodical cataclysms that occur from the beginning to the end
of every Round, our already autopsied continents will go down and the
Lemurias and Atlantises come up again? "
 The first continent, or island, if so preferred, ~- the cap of the North
Pole," has never perished; nor will it to the end of the Seven Races.

SD Vol II, p. 420

"Dionysus is one with Osiris, with Krishna, and with Buddha (the heavenly
wise), and with the coming (tenth) Avatar, the glorified Spiritual Christos,
who will deliver the suffering Chrestos (mankind, or Prometheus, on its
trial). This, say Brahminical and Buddhistic legends, echoed by the
Zoroastrian and now by the Christian teachings (the latter only
occasionally), will happen at the end of Kaliyuga." (In short, then will the
God such as Brahma, Zeus, Jehovah, Ahura-Mazdha and all their likes be
gone.) Continuing with the quote, "And along with these will vanish their
shadows, the dark aspects of all those deities, ever represented as their
"twin brothers" and creatures, in exoteric legend; their own reflection on
earth-in esoteric philosophy. The Ahrimans and Typhons, the Sammaels and
Satans, must be all dethroned on that day, when every dark evil passion will
be subdued."

SD Vol II, Footnote p. 500
"The Secret Doctrine teaches that every event of universal importance, such
as geological catalcysms at the end of one race and the beginning of a new
one, involving a great change each time in mankind, spiritual, moral and
physical=97is pre-cogitated and preconcerted, so to say, in the sidereal
regions of our planetary system. Astrology is built wholly upon this mystic
and intimate connection between the heavenly bodies and mankind; and it is
one of the great secrets of Initiation and Occult mysteries.

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