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to Paul

Sep 12, 1995 10:33 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Paul:<(Jerry, Guy if you're there, please correct any
misperceptions you see here based on your own
group's discussions.)>

I think you got it right, Paul. My group was also
divided. Two said that they "worshipped" the Masters,
while another said that they were living
human beings with more knowledge and understanding
than most. So I think that the field on Masters is
very wide open.

One idea that I think everyone there agreed on,
including myself, is that they are significant role
models for us to follow (the imitation of christ
approach). I think the importance of them being
living human beings is much the same as it is for
Jesus and Buddha being living human beings.

Ed Abdill was strongly of the opinion that there is
nothing special about the TS Masters, and that
there are Masters like them in every age. I
agreed with this.

 Jerry S.

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