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A. Bailey & World Government

Sep 11, 1995 11:47 PM
by Aprioripa

I know one long-time student of Bailey and HPB, who later gave up his
belief in the Bailey materials. One key point that he mentioned to me
was the stress on a sense of an occult hierarchy as world government,
ruling what goes on in the world.

The phrases of "occult hierarchy" and "world government" are certainly used
throughout the books but what is emphasized most strongly is that there is
never any coercion in any spiritual work and all people are always free to
follow their own conscience. A spiritual government or "rule by the
enlightened" is a way of describing the vast responsibilities in relation to
planetary evolution that are incurred as one evolves toward the next kingdom
or the hierarchy (which is a way of expressing the organization of activity
in spiritual realms -- all done in complete freedom).
AAB writes specifically that humanity is not ready for a world government as
it cannot yet produce sufficient unselfish people who would be able to do
such. The emphasis is on local control with the U.N. being a place for the
protection of human rights on a global scale and the prevention of wars.
 There is also a specific statement that the U.N. made a serious mistake in
allowing a dictatorship (USSR) to be a member and that the organization
should only be made up of relatively free nations who should use economic
means to free people from dictatorships.
 Freedom, kindness, honesty and the other qualities of right human
relationships flow throughout AAB's writings.

This might be an example of where the
Bailey materials diverges from the source writings, and I would tend to
disagree with the idea.

I read both and have not found such divergence on any topic. As the Bailey
writings are also source I suggest a careful perusal before concluding that
there is such.

Assuming that there are such differences,

Happily, there are only agreements.

can we acknowledge and explore them without having to denounce anyone
nor go to extreme lengths to try to show that Blavatsky somehow supported
the idea?

 Impersonal discussions are best and both HPB and AAB supported the same
principles and rules of the path.

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