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Re: Real Teachers make Real Men

Sep 11, 1995 11:12 PM
by Deborah Brazo

> From:
> Subject: Real Teachers make Real Men

> Have you ever read writings from any of the following?
> Walter Martin
> John Bunyan
> Ron Rhodes
> Norman Geisler
> John Owen
> Frank Beckwith
> CS Lewis
> John Ankerburg
> To name a few.
> The above scholars are men of integrity and who
> certainly maintained their faith in Christ Jesus
> and would have strongly condemned any faith
> that did not soley reside with Christ and biblical
> theology. They are or were considered the best
> of the apologists that have ever served the
> one and only Master Jesus Christ.
> Were these men disalussioned, deceitful or
> destined?
> Daniel
Why are you trying so hard to convince people that your Faith is the one
and only True Faith?

Have you read:

HP Blavatsky
The Gnostic texts
JJ Hurtak
JFC Fuller
GRS Mead
The Urantia
Rabbi Levi Luria

Do my authors have any less integrity than yours? Don't you understand
that your approach to life is narrow minded? Christians are not the
majority in this world. Far from it.

You ask if anyone can tell you about Jesus. Is it really important? Any
relationship I have with a Master is personal. You would not agree with
the opinions of this group anyway.

Hell is not a place we go when we die if we did not accept Jesus in this
life. Hell is living in a negative mode here and now. Hell is not
letting the lesser light or dark control your life. forces. Hell is when
your life is out of control because these dark forces have confused you.
The one sure way out of hell is to discover WHO you are and know that
these forces are not greater than you. We are all fragments of God and
may call upon the limitless energy of God at any point in time. We do not
need "someone" to save us. In fact that would be a direct violation of
God's own Law of Freewill. It is our personal obligation to open our eyes
to the truth.

Bottom line, Daniel, you have run into a group of people who are beyond
being beaten on the head with threats of going to hell if they don't turn
to Jesus. You are in a room of old souls who know better than that. Such
things are for the younger souls. Eventually they grow out of it
(after many lifetimes).

And please stop lumping all groups that are non christian into the new age

In Light,
Deborah Brazo aka Athara

"If relativity is proved right the Germans will call me a German, the
Swiss will call me a Swiss citizen, and the French will call me a great

If relativity is proved wrong the French will call me a Swiss, the Swiss
will call me a German and the Germans will call me a Jew."
 -Albert Einstein-

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