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Cosmic Planes

Sep 11, 1995 08:42 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:< We could distinguish between "planes of
consciousness" and "planes of existence". Perhaps
some of the confusion regarding planes could be
resolved if we apply this distinction to our review
of planes, globes, spheres of cause and spheres of
effect, the manifest and unmanifest,>
 I would be happy to hear your definitions of
these. However, it may muddy the waters more so
than clearing them. Since I have no idea what
you mean here, some additional discussion does
seem to be in order.

As I understand it via G de P's writings, every
plane of consciousness must correspond to a plane
of existence. He says somewhere that consciousness
has an appropriate vehicle for every plane. Our
consciousness can only focus on the physical plane
via a physical body with appropriate senses. It
can only focus on the astral plane via an astral
body with appropriate senses, and so on. This in
in line with mainstream occultism, and also jives
well with common sense and experience.

Jerry S.

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